Intent MarketingEncourage Japan

Post-covid, on-line customer contact is getting more and more important.
The face-to-face contact became scarce and that's why we need to take complicated approach and consider it as the biggest business opportunities.

As a top partner of Yext, Inc. which has an only search engine platform solution in Japan, Unified Services is developing a service, which manages the on-line information of multi-store or multiple places, under the Encourage Japan(“EJ”) brand.
EJ service, based upon Yext technology, is a packaged service which includes an easy-to-use management tool, coordinated service such as Google-my-business, Facebook, Twitter, and ISMS based operational services. The service is utilized in various fields by a government, local governments, travel agencies and so on.
“Encourage Japan” is a service which support business groups and local governments addressing new challenges with the flexible information infrastructure.
In addition to the EJ service, Unified Services provides with corporate portal business, for which Unified Services has focused since its foundation, in a more easy-to-use and more expandable way with new platform.