With the investment by Mr. Marc Benioff, the founder, Chairman & CEO, Inc in 2015, we started a service business of electric power CIS (CRM and charge calculation) corresponding to the liberalization of electric power retailing. In 2018, with the capital increase from TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) and Transcosmos Inc, we expanded the industrial cloud business (electric power, public). Electric power CIS has grown into one big business area by accepting contracts not only from new electric power retailers but also from major electric power companies.

In addition, we manage information on 3.5 million renewable energy power generation companies in Japan through the operating management system of the FIT system (solar power generation purchase system) entrusted by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. We believe that we will be able to provide various services as a development system of existing businesses toward carbon neutrality in the future.

Furthermore, we have started a digital marketing business in partnership with Yext Inc. in 2018. Yext’s Answers, a state-of-the-art service in this area, applies Google’s Knowledge Graph technology to corporate site searches. On behalf of the Reconstruction Agency, we have made it possible to deliver correct information by searching for radiation doses in Fukushima.

We will build a service called Encourage Japan and support Japanese stores, restaurants, hotels / inns, events, people, products and services by utilizing technology for the post-corona era. As a top partner in Japan of Yext Inc., which provides new services to the digital field one after another, we will support the success of Japanese customers. We will continue to utilize new technologies and services that will emerge, while providing industry-specific cloud services to contribute to solving social issues.

Founder, Chairman and CEOEiji Uda