CompanyOur Vision

Unified Services, Inc. was born at a time when the word “cloud” didn't even exist yet.
“We want to provide the infrastructure that all companies, regardless of their size, need to move their business forward. We want to support various companies by your side.”
Those were the wishes from which we began services that provide corporate portals in a flexible manner.

Ten years ago, we started our vertical cloud (we call it “Industry Cloud service”), which provides the necessary infrastructure for each industry in the cloud.
Eighteen years from our founding, the number of employees and clients has grown significantly. However, our wishes have not changed.
The Industry Cloud, which has expanded around the electricity CIS business, and beyond.
We want to continue to support the growth of companies around the world, which is why we have set “Industry Cloud & Beyond” as our new corporate vision.

What we aim for

The energy sector is going to change dramatically in the future. As the liberalization of electric power accelerates, we need to promote businesses with a cost structure different from the conventional one.
This is an era in which an approach which differs from system development based on large investments will be necessary.

We are also entering a stage where competition will become more intense for new players in the electricity business. A foundation which has a lower cost and is more flexible in response to new regulations will be needed.

In addition, the global movement in the area of renewable energy, such as solar power, is expected to accelerate amidst many uncertain elements. Examples of renewable energy such as biomass being used to revitalize communities are also increasing. New developments are also emerging, such as accelerated investment in companies like RE100.

Unified Services will redefine the Industry Cloud in this new energy sector to provide more flexible and responsive services.

Our new mainstays in addition to this are Encourage Japan, which will support corporate marketing innovation by utilizing Yext technology, a potential innovation driver in the field of digital marketing, the Next Gen Portal, which will completely remove the boundaries of conventional portals and enable open collaboration with the outside world. We will promote new business areas such as these and pursue what lies beyond.